Inter Continental Cup

Mar 29, 2018



Following the ITSF Tournament Calendar, the ITSF InterContinental Cup will be played in 2018. This time it will
be hosted in Las Vegas (USA) in March.The ICC event is one of the most prestigeous events in the ITSF SPorts

It will be held in two categories – men and women.
In each category there will be a team representing its Cоntinent trying to defeat its opponents.

Each team will be entitled with a
coach to take care about the formation, the playing and all the matter concerning the team and its interests.


MEN: 6 + 3 substitutes

WOMEN: 6 + 3 substitutes


MEN: S1, D1, D2, S2, D1, S1, S2, D2

WOMEN: S1, D1, D2, S2, D1, S1, S2, D2

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